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The 7 Best Museums to Visit in Porto

Visiting museums is so much more than just seeing the exhibits and enjoying the works of art, is also getting to know the history and culture of that particular place. Here are our top 7 museums to visit while in Porto.


1 – Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art The Serralves Museum, located in the unique spaces of the Serralves Foundation, is one of the most important Portuguese museums of contemporary art. In addition to visiting the many exhibitions of modern art, you are able to visit the charming and extensive nature park that surrounds it.


Address: Rua de D. João de Castro, 210, 4150-417 Porto

Telephone: +351 226156500



2- World of Discoveries – Interactive Museum and Theme Park

World of Discoveries is an interactive museum that tells the story of the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators that crossed oceans and discovered a world that was still unknown. It works as a theme park and takes you on a caravel ride through the fascinating historical events of that era.

Address: Rua de Miragaia, 106, 4050-387 Porto

Telephone: +351 220439770



3- Casa do Infante Museum Casa do Infante Museum is a complex of three buildings that once hosted the services of the Crown in Porto. The museum is named after Infante D. Henrique, a well-known Portuguese navigator that was born there in 1394. It was also once where the Royal Customs House, Royal House and Mint where located. Today is the Porto Historical Archive headquartes.


Address: Rua da Alfândega, 10, 4050-029 Porto

Telephone.: +351 222060435



4- Soares dos Reis National Museum The Soares dos Reis National Museum is located in the Carrancas Palace, a majestic building from late 18th century. It has on display several collections of ceramics, sculptures, engravings, jewellery, furniture, gold and silver work, paintings, textiles and glass.

Address: Rua de Dom Manuel II, s/ n.º, 4050-342 Porto

Telephone: +351 223393770



5- Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha

The Romantic Museum of Quinta da Macieirinha is located near the Crystal Palace and was once a country house where Carlos Alberto, king of Sardinia and Prince of Piedmont was exiled. The space recreates the indoor atmosphere of a wealthy bourgeois house of the 19th century with elements of Romanticism.

This museum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has one of the best views of the Douro River.


Address: Rua de Entre-Quintas, 220, 4050-240 Porto

Telephone: +351 226057032



6- Port Wine Museum

The Port Wine Museum is located on the ground floor of the Casa do Cais Novo old warehouses, an 18th century building that is now a wine store and as a customs warehouse.

Here you will find several elements that best showcase the wine region of Alto Douro, the rabelo boats, winemaking and commerce of Port wine.

Address: Rua de Monchique, 98, 4050-394 Porto

Telephone: +351 222076300



7- Portuguese Centre of Photography

The Portuguese Centre of Photography is a place that promotes and values ​​the photographic heritage of Portugal. The Centre is housed in the former Court of Appeal building and has temporary exhibitions, a permanent museum with a rare collection of cameras and a specialized library.

Address: Largo Amor de Perdição, s/n, 4050-008 Porto

Telephone: +351 220046300


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